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Big improvements in INSIGHT Analysis

INSIGHT 9.4 has received a new and better analysis module which makes in easier to create and use reports. More improvements (from the new foundation laid in this verison) will show up in version 10.0.

Easier to create reports

A new guide for creating reports makes it easier to quickly create a new report from templates. Extending/modifying an existing report is also simplified by, among other things, a new layout mode and easier to copy and start from an existing report.

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Easier saving reports

New report management that makes it easier and faster to save new reports and changes to existing reports. To save changes to an existing report, just click “Save”. “Save As…” enables, just as before, to control how the report is saved.

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Easier to create report guide

As before, it is possible to configure report guide in when saving the report, but now it is possible to configure report guide via the respective dimension selection panel.

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Placement of dimensions on row/column

Placing dimensions on row and column has been improved to more quickly control the choice of dimensions and to provide a better overview of the report’s design.

The Filter section is new and shows the dimensions that have filters or are visible as selection panels in the report.

It is also possible to right-click a dimension to control its selection.

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Shortcuts for creating and changing calculations

New features to quickly create a calculation from a grid or from the selection panel have been added.

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Simpler permission management on the report tree

Managing permissions on report folders and reports is simplified and it is also much easier to preview/test permissions (for a user or group).

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Moved buttons

Button row moved to modernize the appearance and more efficient use of space. Update and undo are located in the lower left next to the selection panels. Save, export and share are in the upper right.

The refresh button is highlighted in orange to capture the user’s attention when the report selection has changed and the report needs updating. The button is restored to regular appearance when the user has updated the report.

Graphical improvements in INSIGHT Planning and Project

The color indicating changed and not yet saved value in planning and projects has been changed from red to orange.

Red now indicates an invalid number and it is possible to right click on a changed cell and select “Reset” to return to the last saved value.

The button bar has been moved to modernize the look as well as more efficient use of space. Update and save are located on the bottom left. Export is at the top right.

The save button is highlighted when the input sheet contains unsaved changes.