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Login security

INSIGHT now automatically blocks a user temporarily after several unsuccessful login attempts. This is done to prevent infringement attempts. The user account automatically unlocks after 10 minutes. An administrator can receive a notification that an infringement attempt has been made.

Users can now receive notification via email when a new/unknown device logs in to INSIGHT. It only happens the first time the user logs in from a computer or mobile device. The idea is that the user will respond if such an email arrives without being logged in via a new device.

Two step verification

In the past, it has been possible to use 2-step verification (2FA) with external login services, but now it is also supported together with INSIGHT’s own login. INSIGHT then uses regular login with username and password and then an extra step via a code from an app on a mobile phone.

The administrator can choose whether 2FA is required for all users or if it is optional. The administrator also controls how long a device should be “remembered” and only requires usernames and passwords.

Learn more about the user experience with two step verification here.

Improved report panel in INSIGHT Analysis

The report navigation in the left panel of INSIKT Analysis is now improved and faster. Navigating and searching reports is faster and it is now possible to drag and drop to organize report favorites in the desired order.

Links in text and descriptions

It is now possible to add links to other systems in, for example, activity descriptions in project processes, “Share report” messages, comments, report instructions, etc.