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INSIGHT Planning 2.0

The flexibility and user-friendliness of input sheets in planning and project modules has been greatly improved in INSIKT 9.0. Above all, it is easier to configure and more user-friendly to type in numbers against multiple dimensions/code parts. Different views in the same input sheet can also use mixed dimensions in different ways.

Some of the highlights:

    • Possible to have several dimensions in a row where the user can expand, for example, an account to tag the budget against another dimension, for example, the budget for sales accounts to be linked also to the product group.

  • New right-click option to search for a line that does not appear in the input view, such as an account that is not “used”.
  • Ability to create multiple views with different looks that use mixed dimensions in different ways. Which view is selected may be different for different departments. In the animation below, the department stores budget per account and product group, while the marketing department budget for each campaign and account.
  • Easier to enter numbers without making an active choice in one or more additional dimensions.
  • Ability to distribute across multiple row dimensions.
  • Improved configuration interface for consultants and planning administrators.

Below is a video showing some of the improvements.

Level formatting

The ability to format levels in input sheets in planning and projects makes it easier to create attractive input sheets where all members on one level are the same color. Initially, the function comes only in planning and project modules, but in the future also reports in the analysis module.

It is also possible to apply a color scale style template that adds colors to the levels in the input sheet.

Please note that for the time being these functions are only in INSGHT Planning and INSIGHT Project, but in the future will also be in analysis reports.

My pages in the project module

When the user arrives at the project module he/she is greeted by a new “Welcome Page”. When an individual project is highlighted, the project card and other tabs appear as usual. When a grouping of multiple projects is selected, a “to do” list and a list of recent events for selected projects are displayed instead. This is to facilitate the overview of several projects. In the past, it has been possible in the project process to filter on “me” as a user in order to find out what to do in a single project, but now it is possible for several or all projects at the same time.

In the left half of the image below you will see activities, for all projects of the type “New construction”, to be performed (where logged in users are involved). The activities to be performed first appear at the top but the user can sort in different orders if desired. The activities include both activities from the project process and activities from calculation processes. The “to do” list is filtered on me as a logged in user, ie shows what to do, but it is possible to switch to another user or to “all users” to show all activities to be performed regardless of the provider.

The right hand side shows the latest events for the same selection of projects.