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Revisions of project processes

Changes in project process templates are now handled in such a way that already started projects will use the changes when appropriate. Finished activities and phases in the projects are not affected but only the ongoing phase and forward. For example, if the template administrator adds a new activity to a phase, all projects that have not passed that phase will automatically receive the new activity in their processes.

For a more detailed description, see the video below.

(This video has not been translated to english.  To see it anyways, we recommend switching on the translation feature in the YouTube video.)

Multiple tabs in the browser

Multiple tabs in the browser are now supported by INSIGHT. This means that it is possible, for example, to run a report in one tab and a planning in another. Or two different reports in two different windows on two screens next to each other.

NOTE! It is not possible to use “Run as…” in multiple tabs because the same permissions are used in all tabs.

Dimension selection in chart title

Ability to use dimension selection in the chart title to make the chart clearer to the user. The charts can thus more specifically show what data it actually shows. In the example below, the selected period is mentioned in the chart title. If the selection is changed to Feb-14, the chart title changes automatically.

To configure this, use the chart configurator and the “Show title” option. Then click on the “Advanced title” button.

Descriptions of project activities

Descriptions are displayed when the user moves the mouse over project process activities.