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Specific selections in analysis reports

In the past, INSIGHT, when using multiple dimensions in a row or column, has always shown all possible combinations of the selected members in the dimensions. This has not always been what one wanted, especially in ad hoc analyzes. Now there is the function “specific selection” which means that it is possible to control the selection for each combination specifically in a completely new way. The default function for “Show underlying” and “Drill down” has been changed to create specific selections for the current combination instead of showing the underlying for all combinations. This eliminates the previous “Eliminate combination” function used to manually eliminate selections for specific combinations.

The new feature is standard on left-click and double-click. Both variants (the new specific and the old for all combinations) are in the right-click menu.

There are some special cases and limitations that may be good to know. The movie below goes through them.

Function described in the movie below is not directly related to specific selections but rather to connected selections between sub-reports.