Cookie policy

To take full advantage of our website we use cookies and local storage on our website. Here we explain what we use our cookies for, what they do and how you can influence the use of cookies on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser when you visit certain websites and web shops. They are used, among other things, to enable features and give the website owner statistics about your visit. We use two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies. Session cookies are deleted when you leave the site and check the browser.
  • Timed cookies. These are stored on your computer for an extended period of time and are used, among other things, to show you what content you have missed since your last visit to the site.

These can either be

  • First-party cookies are cookies set by the site. We use first-party cookies to save your interaction with the site
  • Third-party cookies are cookies set by a third-party site. We use third-party cookies to obtain specific visitor statistics, to deliver on-site marketing and to direct marketing to our visitors on other third-party platforms (such as Facebook).

The cookie helps website providers recognize your device the next time you visit their site. There are other similar technologies such as pixel tags and web storage, which are used in software on computers or mobile devices. These are used in a similar way to cookies, which detect and store the visitor and its browser.