Wästbygg chooses INSIGHT

During a procurement process, Wästbygg evaluated several suppliers of decision support systems, the choice fell on INSIKT. In the first stage, Wästbygg will make integrations to the business system 3L and to their estimation program, Bidcon. INSIKT will support the entire process, from planning to analysis and follow-up.

In our evaluation of IT support for business management and decision support, we have balanced several factors and found a solution that is a good match for our business. INSIKT is user-friendly, has a tried and tested technical platform and offers the flexibility necessary to meet our future needs as well. With Trimma, we also get a stable and secure supplier with a high level of ambition when it comes to the future development of the system,” Jonas Jönehall, Wästbygg Group CFO, says..

Trimma AB
Trimma is an IT company focusing on solutions for efficient business management. We develop and market INSIKT – the market’s most user-friendly tool for decision support based on Microsoft technology. Business understanding is our strength, the speed an attribute.

Wästbygg Gruppen AB
Wästbygg Gruppen is a construction and project development company with a clear presence in the most expansive markets in Sweden. We have offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Jönköping, Borås and Varberg but are also available via the Group company, Logistic Contractor, represented in our Nordic neighbours Norway and Denmark. The company specialises in the business areas Residential, Commercial and Logistics. Moreover, we work with project development in all business areas.