Press release: Trimma wins procurement at municipalities

In just a short time, Trimma AB has won procurements for systems for budget, forecasting and follow-up in two Swedish municipalities. Vallentuna Municipality in Stockholm County and Ale Municipality in Västra Götaland County have both chosen the INSIGHT decision support product to support the municipalities in their work with budgeting, forecasting and follow-up.

“We have long been successful with the municipal companies, so there is extra pleasure in also supplying INSIGHT to municipal primary management,” Christopher Jonsson, Sales Manager at Trimma, says.

The introduction project at Vallentuna Municipality started shortly before Christmas with a first delivery in the spring, 2019. Ale Municipality published the award notice on 14 February, and agreements can be signed during this week.

The total value of these two deals is just over three million during next year.

Trimma develops the decision support tool INSIGHT, with modules for analysis, budgeting and planning as well as project management.

For more information and queries:

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Sales Manager, Trimma AB

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Account Manager, Trimma AB

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Trimma AB Press Release, 4 March 2019