Nyköpingshem AB chooses INSIGHT

Nyköpingshem AB has chosen to streamline the company’s business management with the decision support product INSIGHT. The goal is to improve the availability of business-critical information in the organization, free up time for analysis and simplify the processes of budgeting and forecasting and project management. Nyköpingshem will use INSIGHT Analysis, INSIGHT Planning and INSIGHT Projekt. Integrations will be made against Visma Control, Vitec and Agda. INSIKT will support the entire process from budget and forecasts to analyzes and follow-up.

For more information contact:
Christopher Jonsson, Sales Manager, Trimma AB
Tel: 070-624 26 20, E-mail: christopher.jonsson@trimma.se

Trimma AB

Trimma is an IT company focused on solutions for efficient business management. We develop and market INSIGHT – the most user-friendly decision support tool based on Microsoft technology. Business understanding is our strength, speed is a hallmark.

Nyköpingshem AB

Nyköpingshem is the largest housing company in Nyköping. We are owned by the municipality of Nyköping and have existed since 1949. Nyköpingshem is a public utility housing company. This means that our business is to be run on business terms but without individual profit interest. Our financial resources should stay in the company to ensure long-term property management. Nyköpingshem manages about 4,000 apartments. For more information: www.nykopingshem.se